Heat-treated 12-strand single braid HMPE rope with abrasion-resistant coating

This rope is designed for high load applications where exceptionally low weight is required—making for an excellent wire-replacement rope. The heat treatment and polyurethane coating applied increases the rope’s abrasion resistance, prolonging its life.


  • Extreme strength-to-weight ratio
  • 15 x stronger than steel
  • Safer than wire (low recoil)
  • Hydrophobic fibre (no water absorption)
  • Floats
  • Low creep
  • Easy to splice
  • Resistant to kinking
  • Maintains high strength around tight-radius bends
  • Exceptional UV and chemical resistance
  • Abrasion-resistant coating reduces likelihood of snagging and provides superior winch drum grip


  • Wire rope replacement
  • Winch lines
  • Towing
  • Lifting
  • Halyards
  • Check stays
  • Guys
  • Runner Tails
  • Kickers
  • Strops

Available in diameters: 1-105mm (larger on request)

Price: Ranges from £0.78/m – £24.10/m

Contact us if you would like any more information on 07790225511