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Mainsail handling

If you're thinking of putting in a reef, the chances are the breeze has picked up, with that comes an increase in sea state, if you're really unlucky it'll be getting dark too.....

Harkens Battcar system makes light work of reefing your mainsail. No need to sit head to wind, bouncing around whilst one unlucky crew member hangs on to the mast for dear life whilst grappling with the luff. Just ease the halyard the main drops smoothly. As long as the main isn't against the spreaders, you can drop your main regardless of the wind angle.

You may well be thinking why not in-mast or in-boom furling? Both these options are more prone to jamming, in addition the sail design is altered to allow it to roll. These sail shapes rarely facilitate optimum performance. The battcar system is designed to work with nearly all batten boxes, all you'll need is to get your local sailmaker to add some webbing for the intermediate luff cars.

There are numerous benefits, perhaps you'd like to know a little more or maybe you have a question such as how do I fix the track to mast - why not give us a call and find out?


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