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Our Services

Mast Inspections and Safety Checks:

We can carry out a comprehensive inspection of your mast, rigging and deck systems; giving you a full inspection report on completion allowing you to enjoy your sailing worry free.

Mast Tuning and Servicing:

Whether you are racing or cruising we can tune your mast to ensure you get the maximum performance from your sails and equipment.

We can service your mast and instruments for you to ensure everything is running freely to make your sailing easier and preventing the build up of salt and corrosion.

Running Rigging & Mooring Lines:

We can supply, make and fit anything from standard cruising polyesters to the more advanced racing dyneemas and racing technoras, from dingys to super yachts and everything inbetween. We also offer a comprehensive splicing service which is free of charge when the rope is purchased through Hemisphere Rigging Services.

Winterisation and Sail Care:

We can unstep, service, store and re step your mast in line with your winter servicing and maintenance schedule.

We have great working relationships with local sail-makers, and we can remove, service, launder, store and refit your sails. In addition, we can arrange the design and manufacture of new sails and sail systems.

Winch Servicing:

If you are short on time we can carry out your winch servicing for you, to ensure everything runs freely and identify damage before any issues occur, allowing you to spend more time on the water.

Design and Planning:

We can design and plan sail, deck and mast systems to each individual requirement, whether racing or cruising, making your yacht even simpler to handle.

New Masts:

We can supply new masts from the leading manufacturers, for racing and crusing yachts alike.


We can design, make and fit spray hoods, bimini's, stack pack and lazy jack systems.


For those clients who live further afield our qualified staff can collect and deliver your yacht for you.

Project Management:

We can project manage all aspects of your yacht re-fit, maintenance or repair utilising our extensive contacts within the industry.

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